Tune In | Winter Rest

A candlelit evening of restorative yoga and live cello music 


WHEN: Friday 19 August

Time : 8.15-10pm (arrive 8pm for 8.15pm start) 

Guided by Ling, accompanied by Deborah Adelin (on cello) 

INVESTMENT: $75 ($60 for Retreat Members)


Winter Rest

An invitation for deep inner nurturance.

What to expect:

You will be be guided into progressive relaxation with restorative yoga postures that release physical tension and are deeply healing and nurturing for the nervous system.

Soothing cello music, specially composed for this immersion, will be played live, taking you deeper into the experience. 

Imagine attending a candlelit cello concert, lying on a nest of supportive bolsters, yoga props and blankets, guided into a state of winter rest.  

You will leave with a renewed sense of well-being, clarity, ease and radiant calm. 

Date : Friday, 19 August 2022

Time : 8.15-10pm (arrive 8pm onwards for 8.15pm start) 

Investment : $75 (Retreat members $60)

All welcome.

No experience necessary. 

Come in comfortable warm clothes.

Bring your favorite socks, eye pillow, blankets and towels (to place over studio bolsters and props as covid-safe measures are in place). 

Bring also your journal or paper and pen.


Do you know: 

The deep resonance of the cello creates wave patterns measurable and equivalent to brain pattern alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz), present when our brains are in idling default-states typically created when we’re daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. In this state, we can not only listen with our whole body, but tap into powerful healing channels.


About Ling 

Ling is on a mission to calm and steady nervous systems. 

Ling’s classes are particularly grounding. Her approach is to empower personal practice, making deep connections and coming to yoga with enjoyment from the heart. Ling teaches intuitively and adapts to the group and energy at the present moment. 

About Deb Adelin

Deb has been playing cello for 30 years. Classically trained Deb turned her focus to composing and playing cello specifically ‘for the perpetuation of love’. Deb composes original music for live meditation and yoga events. As well as playing across Melbourne in her kirtan bhakti yoga ensemble she also composes music for internationally award winning humanitarian docos that promote understanding, acceptance and love.








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