French Yoga

{An Afternoon of Yoga in French}

Saturday 20th July
Times: Slow Flow 3-4pm, Yin 4:30-5:30pm
Investment: regular class
Teacher: Nadege Debax




🇫🇷An afternoon of yoga in French! 🇫🇷

Whether you have some basics in French, speak fluently or just love the sound of the French language, come celebrate Bastille day at The Retreat.

Experience a different aspect of your practice, as you simply follow-along, deepen your awareness, develop your intercultural understanding, and use your language skills through physical activity for optimal learning.

On Saturday 20th July, both classes (Slow Flow 3pm and Yin 4.30pm) will be led in French by Nadege, a native speaker and yoga teacher.

This will be FUN!  French & Yoga… What’s not to Love?

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The Tapestry of Breathing

The Thin Thread of Meditation


Sunday 21st July
Time: 12:00-3:00pm
Investment: $75 (20% discount for members)
Teacher: Peter Cohen

Work with Peter to create a personalised tapestry of breath practices. Then weave moving poses onto your breath tapestry.

We will definitely be moving… gentle power while upright… resonating onto the ground.

This practice becomes a nervous system experience that can reveal the thin thread of consciousness in meditation. This was the intention of the yogis who shared hatha yoga.

Yet how varied could this practice be? How personal can we make it? Can you do it at home? How long do you really need?

In this workshop, hatha yoga becomes vipassanā meditation (insight). Peter will share from his experiences in the Buddhist lineage:
The most important single rule of meditation
The profundity of meditation without objects (Dzogchen)
Options for calm-abiding preparatory practices

Deep Rest Ritual

Saturday 27th July
Time: 7:30-9:45pm
Investment: $50 (20% discount for members)
Teacher: Ling Tan

Deep Rest Ritual

Allow yourself to be HELD in conscious rest; deep rest in the nervous system, deep rest in the heart.

You’ll be held in meditation, pranayama (breathing practices), yin & restorative movement, yoga nidra (yogic sleep), reiki, essential oils and candlelight.

Guide : Ling
Sat : 27 July, 7.30-9.45pm
Investment : $50

Resting in awareness, we will recharge from a state of depletion to a higher frequency.

All welcome, no experience required. Two hours of stretching, breathing, resting. Option to stay for tea and nibbles at the end. Bring your journal or paper and pen; as the heart tends to speak when the mind gets quiet.

AUGUST Yoga Commitment

{Unlimited Yoga for 23 days}


Thursday 1st August – Friday 23rd August
Commitment : 20 classes in 23 days (or set your own)
Investment: $140 (included in membership)

Sound Healing Event


Saturday 17th August
Time: 7:00-9:30pm
Investment: $55 (20% discount for members)
Guest Teacher: Katie Jane Jameson

Katie and I studied Emotional Anatomy together.  I have been looking forward to the day where she would join us in Melbourne to share her magic.  The day has finally come!  Thank you Katie.  Pru x

Katie, owner of Energy and Sounds Holistic Therapies is a Sound Therapist and Reiki Master, professional Pianist and Composer. She is a Music Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher, and trained in Emotional Anatomy with Soul Space, Brisbane.  Living and studying in San Francisco, she graduated from The Globe Institute for Sound Healing. Katie has travelled extensively, gaining knowledge through personal experience and from top professionals of the Vibrational Medicine Field. She is passionate about all things frequency, connecting humans with their E-motions and empowering individuals to connect with their inner-self to powerfully transform the energetics within to positively effect the world without. Sessions are highly nurturing and powerfully guided through Spirit and Science. 

Allow Katie – Reiki Master and Sound Therapist-to enlighten you about sound and lovingly guide you through practices to release stuck emotions, to stay in your own energy,  and to find deep states of calm and relaxation – a truly transformative experience.

Katie will empower you to become in-touch with the energetics of your being and teach you how to be your own Sound Healer. By way of understanding that e-Motions are simply energy in motion, we can learn to effectively release unwanted dense feelings like social anxiety, fear, frustration and pain and positively release these through the power of our own voice and sound. We’ll also learn to hold our own space  when relating to others then, through a guided meditation to calm the mind and open the heart space, you will lay immersed in the powerfully and lovingly intended sounds of pure crystal singing bowls  to calm the nervous system, relax the physical body and dive deep into Self.  Followed by distance Reiki (energy) healing.

Places are sure to fill, be sure to secure your place.




Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety

Sunday 25th August
Time: 1:00-3:30pm
Investment: $55 (20% discount for members)
Teacher: Emily May

Join Emily May for an educational and experiential 2.5 hour immersion to learn about how yoga and meditation techniques can help manage anxiety.

During this immersion you’ll learn about anxiety, how it affects your physical body and your mind and how you can incorporate yoga and meditation techniques into your life.

You’ll journey deep within the body-mind complex and explore several yogic practices to help release tensions, attachments and constrictions. Our time together will end with a mindfully guided Yoga Nidra meditation and afternoon tea with refreshments.

This immersion is particularly beneficial for anyone experiencing:
anxiety, PTSD, depression or stress
a curiosity to heal their body and mind using ancient Yogic principles

About Emily May

Emily is a passionate Sound Healer and Yin Yoga, Body Psychology and Yoga Nidra teacher. She has trained with some of the world’s leading Yoga teachers and has recently spent time studying abroad at an Ashram to further explore ancient Yogic practices.

With a mindfulness focus, Emily teaches from the heart, guiding students to create profound shifts and healings from within through the practice of yoga to shift long held emotions and experiences from their bodies; helping set them on a path to health and non attachment.

Hundreds of yogis across Melbourne have benefited from the deep experiences of Emily’s Yoga classes and Yoga Nidras.



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