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Summer Shiatsu Yin Immersion


WHEN: Saturday 16th December 2023

Time : 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (arrive 6:50 pm for 7:00 pm start) 

Guided by Jana Higgs (Yoga Teacher and Shiatsu Therapist),
with Shiatsu touch provided by professional Shiatsu Therapists

Investment : $65 or

$52 for Unlimited Members (this includes direct-debit memberships and upfront memberships 3 months and more)

This immersion involves touch.

No yoga or fitness levels required – all welcome

Limited to 15 participants.

Shiatsu Yin 2 hour Immersion

In Shiatsu Yin we incorporate the two practices of Yin Yoga and Shiatsu touch to offer you a deeper and more nourishing experience while holding Yin postures.

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of body work. Shiatsu has adopted the same philosophy and principles of East Asian Medicine. This form of bodywork creates flow and balance of Qi and allows release for any physical or emotional holdings.

Yin poses are held for 4 – 5 minutes. In which each pose helps open and release the deepest layer of the muscle, the fascia, where the meridian lines lie. East Asian Medicine works towards and into Meridian Lines to support the body’s functioning. Both Shiatsu and Yin Yoga marry up beautifully to target the meridian lines and assist in nourishing and strengthening the areas of focus.

When holding these Yin Yoga postures an experienced Shiatsu practitioner will come around to the area and meridian of focus and offer Shiatsu touch, including palming, finger pressure, and acupressure holds to enhance the Yin Yoga postures.

With the increase of longer and warmer days, lighter nights, we can feel the lean towards the season of Summer. While winter draws our attention inwards and Spring brings our focus to action. The Season of Summer gives us the invitation to move outwards and towards each other.

Summer is nature’s season of growth and maturation. Flowers and Fruits are all around us in abundance. There is a feeling of growth,expansion and playfulness in the long warm summer days. We have this growth and maturation within. As the yang exuberance of summer calls us to be outdoors, being active in lots of recreation and absorbing the sun’s radiant energy.

This is a season of the Fire Element which offers us through the Sun’s warmth and vitality, connection, gatherings, communication and play.
In the Chinese Health Theory of the Five Elements we learn to flow as Nature does, and can see nature and bodies mirror each other as we adapt with the seasons .Energy must stay in motion within us and in our lives to continually nourish ourselves and create harmony.

When the Fire Element is in harmony and engaging in this heightened Yang period of the year, we engage in enriching connections, uplifting gatherings and activities, and share our playful joyous Hearts.

Shiatsu Yin offers restoration to the body and emotional balancing for the mind. By encouraging movement and flow within our internal, we can more purposefully create flexibility and flow within our external.

All levels of fitness and flexibility are welcome and anyone that loves to receive a little bit of touch.

(We recommend eating a light meal 2 hours before the event)


Date : Saturday 16th December 2023

Time : 7-9 pm (arrive 6:50 pm for a 7:00 pm start) 

Investment : $65

  • 20% discount for Unlimited Members (this includes direct-debit memberships and upfront memberships 3 months and more)

No yoga experience required, all welcome.

Limited to 15 participants



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